Relatedness/Social Skill Intervention

The philosophy of the clinic supports the development of  basic relatedness skills as a means of establishing the underpinnings for social interaction.  It is recognized that unless the child understands how to share his emotional reactions, follow visually established information and coordinate actions, he will not be able to learn basic social skills.  In addition, it is understood that the child needs to develop social cognition, re himself and others.  For example, a child needs to understand his own likes and disliked before understanding the likes and dislikes of a peer. If he does not know about the likes and dislikes of himself and his friend, he will have trouble collaborating with a peer within play.  This training occurs within individual teaching with a either a Clinical Psychologist or an individual who had been certified in RDI ®   As the child progresses, individual therapy can move to a dyad, in which the child learns to interact with a peer.  The child is paired with another child at a like level so that each child learns to repair the interaction.