We provide speech and language evaluations, speech and language therapy, development of relatedness/social skills

Psychological services provided by Caley Schwartz Psychological Services, LLC.

Dr. Schwartz provides therapy and assessment services to individuals from young children through young adults. Services provided include diagnostic and comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational evaluations, as well as treatment in individual and group formats. Dr. Schwartz provides treatment for individuals with a variety of presenting concerns including anxiety and depression. She has received training in Barkley's Parent Management Training for children with challenging behaviors. Dr. Schwartz has specialized interest in working with families and children around issues related to adoption and also has a particular specialty in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Schwartz's treatment of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders focuses on treating the core social deficit while increasing an individual's competence in activities of daily living. She involves parents and caregivers in the treatment process to enable the parent-child relationship and allow for the generalization of skills.

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