Speech & Language  Evaluations

Children from one year to 15 years of age can be evaluated for speech and language deficits through our clinic. These evaluations vary with the needs of the children.  Prior to the evaluation, the parents are asked to send a video of the child interacting with others as well as  prior records to the clinic for review. Most often the evaluation is conducted within two, three hour sessions.  However, the number of sessions may be increased or decreased depending on the needs of the child.  For the most part, the children enjoy coming for the evaluation as there are fun toys as well as opportunities for gross motor activities during break times.  In addition to formal tests measures, the specifics of which are determined by the needs of the child, language, relatedness and thinking probes are conducted.  The purpose of the probes is to explore areas of strengths and weaknesses in depth. 


Relatedness skill evaluation:

Basic relatedness skills as well as underlying social cognition are evaluated as part of the speech and language evaluation when necessary. In addition, relatedness skills can be evaluated apart from the speech and language evaluation. The evaluation is multifaceted as it involves a parent education session, a review of a home video, record review, parent surveys, formal activities, and skill probes.