About Us

Mission Statement

Speech and language cannot exist in isolation. If a child cannot interact, he will not want to talk to anyone.  If a child does not participate in life, he will not know what to talk about. If a child cannot think, he will not make connections to comment. If a child cannot be understood, he will not be able to get his message across. Therefore, it is our mission to address the whole child so that language emerges with a purpose.


We teach language in the context of activities of daily so that the child learns the vocabulary of life, the sequences of life, and the causal factors for conditions. We sabotage the situations so that the child must think.  We change conditions so that the child must be flexible. We create situations so the child wants to report.  We create competence so that the child is motivated and we have fun so that child wants to interact.  We use this approach for three year olds as well as teenagers as a child is never too young or too old to participate in life! We use this approach regardless of underlying disability as talking about life is what we all must do!